Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Healthy Simple Recipes For The Road

-- -- here is something our. Being there are all certainly hope it -- that it. Do you pressure because when you go through a whole foods a few years ago I could -- your whole foods and a lot of the food. Was local it was locally raised locally produced now -- -- you walk through a whole foods and a lot of it is international do you feel pressure. Because of what consumers are looking for to bring in food from farther and farther -- place's. I think he had -- on the back. Words -- gone there are slow servers security on the higher percent of its source or the products sold or. Or national international local. We -- worked really well in the last few years we are far more local groups today it appears ago. So -- me. People want different thanks some people want to -- mostly mobile. And others shop armor and on the basis problems. Some want. I mean. You'd be hard pressed the United States to buy low all for example or local many units in -- low key. These lots of agricultural commodities -- running -- -- on locally so.
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